Chrome Apps Marketplace for Students

The expansion of student Chrome Apps over the last couple of years has allowed teachers to differentiate instruction strategies as well providing students with a variety of ways to engage with digital content.  Unfortunately, as we have increased the number of Chrome Apps and the amount of data which we are sharing with student devices, this has negatively impacted some aspects of Chromebook operations, causing them to slow down or freeze in some instances.

For this reason, we have implemented a new policy regarding instructional Chrome Apps for all district students (grades 6-12).  Rather than “push” app requests to student devices, students will now manage their own chrome apps via the directions below.

Teachers who have specific instructional apps approved for their daily instruction will need to made aware of these directions and have their students install these apps on the browser.

  • Students can access a list of “approved” apps from the Chrome Store via the URL (linked here) or from their Bookmarks Folder (shown below).
  •  From the ChromeStore page, students can review a list of approved apps to install on their browser.  Hovering the cursor over the app image will display a description of the major function of the apps.
  • As students click on the app, they can install on their browser by clicking on the blue Add to Chrome button in the upper-right hand corner of the page.
  • Active apps will show up in the upper-right hand corner of the page on the students’ Chrome browser (see below).  Students should only install the browser which they need in order to manage their curriculum.

Installing excessive apps on the browser can result in the browser slowing down or freezing during normal working conditions.  Apps which are no longer in use by students can be removed from the browser by going to http://chrome://extensions and clicking the “remove from chrome” icon (see below).

Although we will continue to push certain browsers related to network security (e.g. Clever, GoGuardian, Hapara…etc.), students will need to reinstall certain browsers as they are needed for instruction.

Teachers who are interested in adding new apps to the Google Chrome page will need to follow the same protocols which we have previously established through the Curriculum & Instruction Department (outlined here).