Checking Student Attendance & Grades

The best way for parents to monitor student attendance (either in class or within a remote video classroom) is to use your SUSD Parent Portal Account.

If you don’t already have a Parent Portal Account, please contact your student’s school front office for directions on how to get started.

Once you have your Parent Portal Account ready to go, you can use the steps below to check student attendance, assignment grades, and other information from your student’s classroom.

  1. Visit and enter the Username and Password you received from your student’s school office.

2. Once logged in, parents will be able to see all children associated with their account along the top of the screen (see below). The menu options include ways to view grades, attendance, teacher comments, and other information related to student progress.

3. Clicking the blue grade links will allow parents to see all assignments related to that grade.

4. Parents of students in grades K-5 should click on the Standards Tab to see grade information for ELEMENTARY students.

5. Parents can reach out via email to any teachers by clicking on the blue links on the Comments page.

6. If parents would like to update their contact information (email, phone number…etc.), they can click on the Bright Arrow link along the left side of the page and update your contact information on the form.