Introducing: Student Assignment Dashboards for Google Classroom

As students and parents continue to think about ways to stay organized in this era of remote learning, we are proud to introduce Student Dashboards for Google Classroom for all SUSD students in grades 3-12.

This new system will allow students and parents to view all assignments, teacher notes, and classroom updates for ALL Google Classroom courses within a single, easy to use dashboard by simply following the stops outlined below.

  1. On their district Chromebook, students should visit (this site can also be accessed by non-district mobile devices such as cell phones provided that you have FIRST logged into your SUSD Student Account).
  2. Once you click on your account name to provide the app with permission to access, you should see the following dashboard view which should display ALL of your Google Classroom assignments and notifications in one place (see below).

From the student dashboard, students can FILTER which assignments they would like to focus on by clicking one of the options along the top of the page. Clicking any of the assignments listed in the student dashboard will take the student directly to the Google Classroom page where the assignment is posted.

By clicking on the BELL icon along the right side of the page, the student can see any notifications or comments which have been posted by their teachers (including announcements, returned work, or emails).

Students can filter the type of notification they would like to see by clicking on the purple button (see arrow #2).

Students/Parents may elect to look at a SPECIFIC class by clicking on the menu along the top of the page. From here, they can select a specific course from the drop down menu and only see the information from that teacher.

Courses are automatically synchronized with any Google Classroom page which the student might already be enrolled in.

Students or parents accessing the MOBILE version of the dashboard have all of the same functionality that they would have in the Chromebook version. Icons are simply arranged to be optimized within a Cell Phone or tablet screen.