Apple iOS Version of Google Classroom App

Teachers in grades K-1 should be aware that the iOS (Apple) version of the Google Classroom app does not always function the same way of have the same features as the version of Google Classroom you will find using the Chrome browser.

For example, the iPad App version of Google Classroom may sometimes freeze up when launching from the home screen. This is a known issue which Apple is currently working to fix. Also, various functions within classroom (such as the link to Google Meet) may look different or may not always be visible when using the app (see below for an example).

For this reason we are recommending that teachers use Google Chrome on your district issued laptop, rather than the iPad app to access your Google Classroom page. Teachers can connect to your Google Classroom dashboard by simply going to and bypass using the app for now.

We will continue to keep you posted as new information becomes available. Thanks for your patience.