Instructional App Requests (iPads and Chromebooks)

There are literally thousands of instructional applications developed each year for iPads and Chromebooks which are designed to support the needs of teachers and students.  However, it is neither possible nor practical for us to attempt to ALL of these applications available on student devices.  For this reason, we ask that our staff members follow the procedures posted below when requesting to add any new iPad or Chromebook app.

  1. Please make sure that the application has not already been approved by referring to the following resources;  Check the SUSD Chromestore for Students.
  2. Make sure that you confirm that the app is available AT NO COST via either the iTunes App Store or the Google Chromestore (Click the blue “For SUSD Schools” link along the left side of the page).  From these pages you will find the information to complete the questions on the form below.
  3. If the app has not already been requested, you can fill out an app request form by clicking the Link to iPad App Request Form.  Once your request has been submitted, your school admin staff will be notified and your request will be presented to the Sunnyside District Curriculum Council for approval.

Please note that requests may take between two to six weeks to process and during this time you may be asked to provide additional information regarding how your app request is designed to support our adopted district curriculum.