Bright Arrow Texting Now Available to Teachers

The Bright Arrow System which is embedded into the teacher PowerSchool Gradebook has been an excellent way for teachers to communicate with parents and families using email, voice mail, and automated calls.

We are proud to announce the addition of Text Messaging in Bright Arrow as an option for teachers. Teachers can now send quick messages to parents (180 characters or less) which can be delivered to whatever cell phone numbers parents have on file in their PowerSchool Parent account.

  1. Select Texting as the message type.
  2. Click on the Translate Email box to have the message automatically converted to the home language.
  3. Make sure that you text message is UNDER 180 characters or it will have to be split into multiple messages.

Please click this link for additional directions on how to use this system for parent & family communications.

Remember, please be conscientious of the number of text messages you are sending out as, depending on the mobile plan families may be using, data charges may apply.