Introducing: PowerSchool Quick Data Dashboard

One of the new features of PowerSchool v.20.4 (released August 21, 2020) is the new Quick Data function which you may have seen pop-up along the right side of the page in your PowerSchool Admin Dashboard.

This new feature will allow Administrators to quickly view aggregate data on a variety of different metrics including attendance, at Risk, and Incident Count.

To get started, simply click the gear icon in the top-left corner of your page and check the box you would like to view.

Information in the Attendance Taken box is based on a calculation against the current time of day and your Block Schedule in PowerSchool. This means that if a High School Admin were to check the Quick Data on 8:40am on a Monday morning, it would tell you what percentage of teachers had taken attendance during the first ten minutes of class.

Administrators can also drill down into each of these metrics to gain more details by clicking on the View links along the bottom of each Quick Data box.

From here, users can modify the date or date range of the information displayed, how the data is ORDERED for viewing and see what specific classrooms are informing the data.

Clicking on the specific name of the teacher will let you view even more details.

At Risk data is based on a combination of Attendance (lower than 90%) and Grades (currently failing one or more core classes).

Clicking the View At Risk link allows you to filter for specific student groups for more detail.