Google Classroom Archiving for Teachers

Important Teacher Information:

If the owner of the Google Classroom OR a co-teacher archives a class, it’s archived for ALL students and teachers in the Google Classroom.  This means students and teachers in the class will NOT continue to see it on their Classes page.

Co-teachers who are not active members in a classroom and do not want certain classes to be visible on their Classes page should consider “leaving” the class instead of archiving it. This allows the class to continue to be visible for all active members in the classroom.  After a teacher has left, and would like to return to a Classroom, they will need to be invited back by the owner or a co-teacher within the classroom.

Leaving a Google Classroom:

  1. In Google Classroom, click on the People tab at the top of the Screen.
  2. Find your name in the list of teachers, select the 3 dots to the right of your name and select “Leave Class”.