Google Meet: Inviting/Removing Students from a Google Meet

Removing a Student from a Google Meet

At times teachers may need to remove a student from a Meet, such as at the end of a class session.

  1. On the top right of the screen, go to People .
  1. Move your cursor to the right side of the persons name, and then click the down arrow .
  2. Select Remove  .

You will see a confirmation, “If removed, this person will not be able to join the meeting again. Select Remove.

Inviting a Student to a Google Meet
Invite a student to a Google Meet once started. Also invite a student back into a session if accidentally removed and the student is unable to return or enter into a session. 

  1. On the right, click People
  1. Add people .
  2. Enter the name or email address. Select the email address from the list and press enter.
  1. Select > Send Email.

If you are not able to access the settings above for any reason, you may need to reset your Google Meet Link by following the directions posted here.