Google Classroom Dashboard for Administrators

The Little SIS Google Classroom Dashboard is a brand new district service which allows school staff to look up important information to help support the needs of parents and students during remote learning.

This tool also allows instructional supervisors and instructional coaches to engage in deeper dialog with teachers regarding lesson planning, student feedback, and formative assessment.

For Front Office Staff

During the Q2 term in 2020-2021, teachers will be expected to manage all student enrollments in Google Classroom as new students are added and dropped from their PowerSchool rosters.

However, if a student or parent reaches out to your school with questions about how to connect with a Google Classroom or Google Meet Room, your front office or Admin staff can use the following steps to provide information immediately to students or parents who may need it.

  1. Use your District Google account to log in to by clicking the GREEN “Log In With G Suite” button.
  2. Along the left side of the page, click on the EXPLORER icon (see below)…
  3. You should now see a dashboard with ALL of the Google Classrooms associated with your school.  You can FILTER for a specific teacher by typing their EMAIL address into the filter box (see below)…
  4. When you locate the Google Classroom which, according to PowerSchool, the student should be a part of, you can provide parents/students with the JOIN CODE for that class by scrolling to the right and finding the JOIN CODE column (see below)…  

This JOIN CODE can be shared directly with the parents/students to allow them to immediately connect with the teacher via 

  1. To Look Up a Google Meeting URL for the Class, do a RIGHT CLICK on the row for the classroom in the dashboard (see below) and select Student actions from the drop-down menu. 
  2. From here you can either ADD STUDENTS (if the student is not already enrolled by the teacher) OR you can select join class as a student to look up the Google Meeting URL to give to the parents or student.  

Once you have added yourself as a student to the class, you can go to and enter the course to obtain the meeting link.

The Google Meet Link for the teacher’s class is posted right along the top of the classroom page within the header (see below).   This is the link you can share with parents and/or students to get them into the video classroom they need to connect with.

For Instructional Leaders and Coaches

In addition to all of the functions listed above, site instructional leaders (principals, ABSS, ABI, coaches…etc.) will also have these ADDITIONAL permissions within system which will allow you to work with teachers on improving instruction in both the Hybrid and Remote space. The dashboard will also make it much simpler as you will no longer have to have teachers manually add you to their page.

  • View and export data regarding the types of learning resources being shared with students (eg. Quizzes, Assignments, Resources…etc.)
  • Allow users to join Classes and Meets without notification
  • Join class as a co-teacher
  • Remove or Add co-teachers to the class pages
  • Change Google Classroom primary teacher
  • Add and Remove students to classes as needed
  • Access to a variety of Reporting data and information

To access the functions posted above follow the steps above to filter for specific teachers. Once you have located the Google Classroom you would like to work with, check the box next to the classroom page.

After you check this box, you should see a Bulk Actions button appear along the top of the page. Clicking this button will allow you to select from several different options which allow you to interact with the teacher’s Google Classroom page (see below).

  • Teacher actions will allow you to join the selected class as a co-teacher as well as add or remove others from the page. If you add yourself to the page, you will be able to enter directly into the Google Classroom by clicking on the Go To Classroom icon along the left side of the page.
  • Student Actions will allow you to join a class as a student as well as add or remove students from the classroom.
  • Change classroom state lets you archive selected classrooms if they are no longer being used.

At this point, access to this tool is limited to just site administrators, front office, and I.T. support staff. However, if site administrators have identified another staff member in your school who you would like to have access to this tool, please submit a request to and we would be happy to set this up for you.