Track Notifications for Parents- Q2 20-21 Term

As schools finalize new master schedules for the Hybrid Q2 Term, remember that PowerSchool can be used to send notifications out to parents and families, keeping them informed as to their student’s schedules when they return on Monday, October 19th.

First, you will want to keep in mind that there are a variety of new reports in your PowerSchool Admin Dashboard which are designed to help you make sense of your new schedule. You can find these reports by following the steps in the image below…

  • AB Counts by Grade Level allows you to see a total count of all students by grade level and track.
  • AB Days by Student lets you see a list of all students within a specific track, either A & B (hybrid) or C (remote)
  • Track Data by Current Course Enrollment allows you to run a list of all student by teacher and specific class period. This report is a great way to check (for example) that all students within a REMOTE period are truly listed as remote (ie. C Track) within your master schedule.

Notifying Parents

Once your schedule is finalized and ready to go, you can use the following steps to send out notifications to parents via the Bright Arrow System.

From your PowerSchool Admin Dashboard, you can use the fields to filter your list of students (see below)…

You can also COMBINE fields to get a total of ALL students within multiple tracks by using the “in” command. For example, if you wanted to get a student list which includes all students from BOTH track A and track B, you would use the following command (Track in A,B)

Once you have your student list complete, click on the Select Function Button and choose BrightArrow Alerts Parents (see below).

You are now ready to compose your message to parents to be delivered either by Voice Call or Email. Remember to change the list name of your message to reflect the student group you have created as you may want to use this list again at a later date.

Sending a message using Email or a Voice Call with Text to Speech should automatically translate the information to the parent’s preferred home language. If you would like to add in custom fields to your Email (such as the student’s name or today’s date) you will need to use the HTML Email option in BrightArrow.

REMEMBER: As notifications are sent out to parents, you can track the message received status for parents by following the steps below.

  1. Under BrightArrow My Lists click the box next to the message you would like to review.

2. Under the Select an Action menu at the top of the page select Reports

3. The Call Result column will not let you know specifically which messages have been received by parents and by what method.

4. Scrolling to the very last page of the report will provide you with a summary overview of all messages and their status.