Google Classroom for Quarter 2: 2020-2021

As we enter into our second quarter of remote instruction, we are about to undertake ANOTHER brand new scheduling model (hybrid instruction) which is also new to everyone.  Since hybrid instruction means that there will likely be lots of new sections added to your PowerSchool dashboard, we have elected to take the following steps to keep the Google Classroom experience as simple as possible for students and teachers.

PLEASE NOTE that these changes currently only apply to the Quarter 2 term for 2020-21 since it’s possible that our scheduling model may change again based on health and safety considerations in the coming year.

  • Starting Friday, October 9th, SUSD District Google Classroom pages will no longer be synchronized with your class rosters in PowerSchool.
  • For Quarter 2, 2020, the I.T. department will NO LONGER be automatically provisioning NEW classroom sections based on your PowerSchool enrollments. 

By disconnecting your Google Classroom Dashboard from PowerSchool rosters, we can ensure that any resources or assignments which you have already built within your existing Google Classroom Pages will not need to be duplicated, copied, or migrated to any new sections.  Teachers can continue to use the same Google Classroom page which they have already set up during Quarter 1.  

Adding and Dropping Students from Your Class

Because students will no longer be added or dropped automatically, teachers will need to manage their Google Classroom rosters using the steps below.

From your Google Classroom Page click on the People tab and then click the add students icon (see below).  Students can be added by simply entering in their email address.

Teachers can run a list of all their student emails from the PowerSchool Teacher dashboard by selecting the Student Log-In Cards report.

REMOVING students from your Google Classroom page can also be done via the People tab by just checking the box next to the student and selecting Remove (see below).

Migrating Resources

If there is a need to migrate resources from one Google Classroom to another Google Classroom, the following steps will assist with the migration.

Go to  Click the class:

To reuse an announcement—
1. Select the Stream page.

2. In the Share something with your class box, click Reuse post .

To reuse an assignment, question, or materials—
1. Click Classwork

2. Select Create

3. Reuse post  

4. Select the class that has the post you want to reuse.

5. Click the post.

6. If you’re copying this post to a different class, and don’t want to link multiple classes to the same attachments, check the Create new copies of all attachments box. This creates new documents in the Drive folder of the class you are reusing this post in.

7. Click Reuse.

8. Change any information. Add or delete any attachments.

9. Choose an option:

  • Save the post for later—Next to Assign, Ask, or Post, click the Down arrow Save draft.
  • Reuse an assignment—Click Assign.
  • Reuse a question—Click Ask.
  • Reuse an announcement—Click Post.

Duplicating Classrooms

Only teachers and co-teachers can copy a class. The teacher who copies the class becomes the primary owner of the copied class.

Items that copy include: Title, section, description, course subject, topics, classwork, your grading system, and in the new class, the copied assignments and questions save as drafts.

Items that do not copy include: Teacher announcements, deleted classwork item, students and co-teachers, student posts, attachments that you don’t have permission to copy, and Google Sites files.
To duplicate a Google Classroom use the following steps:

  1. Go to the class you want, click More .
  2. Select copy.
    Note: If you don’t see Copy, you’re not a teacher in the class.
  1. Edit the title and other information to make changes.
  2. Click Copy.

While Classroom copies your class, you can leave the page to complete other work. When copying finishes, you will receive an email notification.

Updating Guardian Information

To invite guardians to receive Google Classroom student summaries, guardian email information is needed.  

  1. Update Guardian Information by selecting the People tab.  
  2. Next to the student name, select Invite Guardians. 
  1. Enter the Guardian email address.
  2. Select Invite.

CoTeacher Access

To invite other teachers to have access to your Google Classroom and become a co-teacher, use the following steps.

  1. Go to Click the classPeople.
  2. Click Invite teachers . You can invite individual teachers or a group.
  1. Enter the email address of the teacher or group.
    As you enter text, Classroom shows matching addresses that you can choose from. From the list, click a teacher or group. Continue to add address until done.
  2. Click Invite.

Archiving Classrooms

Ensure that all co-teachers do not archive an active Google Classroom. When a Google Classroom is archived by a co-teacher it will not be visible to other co-teachers and students on the Google Classroom Dashboard. Use the Archive option when the Google Classroom is no longer active or accessed on a regular basis.

  1. Go to On the class card, click More Archive.
  2. Click Archive to confirm.