Whiteboard: Open a Jam in Google Meet

Start or open a Google Jamboard while in a Google Meet.  A Jamboard is a virtual dry erase board where you can brainstorm ideas in real time with others.

You can only start or open a Jamboard during a Meet call if you joined the Google Meet on a computer. 

Google Meet participants on a mobile device or tablet will get a link to a Jamboard file and be sent to the Jamboard app.

Start or Open a Jamboard in a Google Meet

  1. In the video call at the bottom right, click More options More
  2. Select : Whiteboard (Open a Jam)
  1. To create a new Jamboard, click Start a new whiteboard. 

To open an existing Jamboard from your drive, shared drives, or computer, click Choose from Drive. 

The Jamboard will open in a new tab and a link is shared automatically in the Meeting chat stream.

Jamboard Access

  • People on the calendar invite and in the SUSD domain are automatically given edit access to the Jamboard once shared.

People are given view-only access by default. You’ll need to grant them edit access to the Jamboard.

  • People not on the calendar invite but in the SUSD domain are given edit access if the Jamboard is shared after they’ve joined the video call.

Important: You’ll need to give access to any people who join the Google Meet after the Jamboard is shared.