Managing Hybrid Sections in Hapara

As PowerSchool sections for Hybrid and Remote are added for the Q2 School Year, it is likely that some teachers will see duplicate sections for different student tracks within their Hapara Teacher Dashboard. This is because sections in HAPARA are linked DIRECTLY to PowerSchool rosters and automatically replicated as soon as students are added.

Teachers can control which sections appear on their My Classes dashboard in Hapara by simply clicking on the “STAR” icon within the class (see below).

All classes with the “STAR” icon should appear at the TOP of your My Classes tab.

If you would like to manually add students to any of your class sections (so you don’t need to switch back and forth between sections) you can do so using the Class Info tab along the top of the page.

Teachers should keep in mind however, that if you elect to MANUALLY add students to specific class sections in Hapara which are DIFFERENT than those recorded in PowerSchool, these sections will NOT be automatically updated if student enrollment or schedules change in the future.