Getting Started with Swivl and a Web Camera

A Swivl is a robotic mount for an Ipad, camera, or smartphone. It is designed to track movement using a marker. If you are not using an iPad/smartphone with your Swivl device, but will be using a detachable webcam, follow these steps to get started setting up your Swivl device.

You will see the following Swivl equipment

  1. Swivl carrying case
  2. Swivl
  3. Device Adaptor Shims (Small, Medium, and Large)
  4. Removable Grip
  5. Primary Marker
  6. Secondary Marker-R (Used primarily with iPad and Swivl App for additional audio collection.)
  7. Secondary Marker-B (Used primarily with iPad and Swivl App for additional audio collection.)
  8. Neck Lanyard + Clip
  9. Wrist Lanyard
  10. Wrist Lanyard
  11. Android Micro USB Micro USB Cable
  12. iOS Micro USB-Lightning Cable
  13. Base Charging Cable
  14. Marker Charging Cable
  15. USB charger
  16. Web Camera

Ensure to charge your equipment before use. (View image below)

  1. Plug in the Secondary Marker B and R to the Marker Charging Cable. Plug the cable into the USB charger in the electrical outlet.
  1. Plug in the Base Charger Cable to the Swivl device and plug the cable into the USB charger in the Electric outlet.  Ensure to slide the primary marker into the Swivl device to charge.

Once the parts have been charged, you can disassemble the cables and markers.

  1. Mount and secure the web camera position on the Swivl.
  2. Plug the web camera cable into the laptop or computer.

Enter into a Google Meet Video Conference.

You will notice your web camera connected to the Swivl is working on your laptop/computer.

Power on the devices in the following order.

  1. Hold down the power button on the Swivl device until it lights up.
  2. Connect the neck lanyard to the primary marker. Hold down the power button on the marker until it lights up.

Once the devices are powered up you will see they have connected.

  1. The light next to the plus button on the Swivl will turn green.
  2. The light on the primary marker will turn green below the power button.

Put the lanyard around your neck and adjust the height of the lanyard to be closer or farther from your head.

You can adjust the height or location of the Swivl to capture different angles of the room/location.


 Select to record your lesson using Google Meet as you move throughout your class. 

  1. In a Google Meet, select the 3 dots at the bottom right of the screen. 
  2. Select Record Meeting. (To end, repeat the same steps, and select stop recording.)

(Recommendation: Create a trial recording to ensure distance and sound quality is appropriate for your viewing audience.)

When finished, power down and charge the equipment.