Gradebook Filtering- New Students in Q2

As new student rosters are created in PowerSchool for Q2, teachers may see new students added to their class sections prior to the end of the first nine weeks. These are students who will be starting in this class section on Monday, October 19th.

These newly transferred students are easy to identify because they will not have any scores associated with any course assignments (see below).


As you are finalizing grades for Q1, these students can be filtered out in a couple of different ways to make grading easier.

From your PowerTeacher Pro Dashboard, click on the Settings tab and then select the Display Settings option.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to the section labeled Sort Students by

Here you will see a couple of different options.

Add newly enrolled students to the bottom will place all of these new students to the bottom of your scoresheet which will allow teachers to easily filter out these students when it comes time to grade.

The Hide pre-registered students option along the bottom of the page will completely remove any quarter 2 students from your scoresheet until AFTER the start of the new term (Monday, October 19th).

When selecting either of these new settings, make sure to click the green Save button along the bottom of the page once you have made your choice.

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