Simplifying Attendance for Multiple Sections in PowerSchool

Between the addition of Hybrid track A, track B, remote and block students for the Q2 term, your PowerSchool teacher dashboard can get a bit cluttered.

Fortunately, there is a simple setting in your PowerSchool Teacher Dashboard which can make this process much easier and keep you from tearing your hair out on a daily basis.

When you first open your teacher dashboard, the Start Page is set to show you all ACTIVE classes assigned to you in PowerSchool (which includes BOTH Semester 1 and Semester 2 as well as any Q1 sections which have been retired (see below).

A much easier way to take your daily attendance however, is to select the Show Multiple Sections option after clicking on the CHAIR icon.

What this setting does is display ALL DAILY sections within a specific class period for that day. For example, within a specific class period a teacher might have students from various tracks and sections. Clicking the Show Multiple Sections option takes ALL STUDENTS (no matter what their section is) and places them on a single page (see below).

Now all a teacher has to do is simply click the Submit button along the bottom of the page to ensure that ALL of their period 1 students have been counted.

As students return to in person learning in the spring of 2021, all teachers need to do to re-group students by section roster (as opposed to track) is to simply switch off the “Group by Track” option along the top of their dashboard. This will display student alphabetically rather than by their attendance track.