Attendance Tracking in Google Meet

Moderators are now able to receive reports in Google Meet of participant attendance. 
The meeting moderator will see a moderator lock at the bottom left of the Google Meeting indicating moderator rights.

Get your Attendance Report

After a video call with at least 5 participants, the meeting moderator will receive an email with an attached attendance CSV report with the following info:

  • Participant’s name 
    • If someone calls in from their mobile device, instead of their name, some of their phone number digits will be listed. 
  • Participant’s email
  • Length of time participant was on a call, including timestamps of when they first joined and when they left the call. 
    • If someone gets ejected from a call, that timestamp will be recorded as the time they left the call. 
    • If someone joins and leaves the call more than once, multiple timestamps won’t be listed, but their overall call duration will be included.

Meeting organizers will get attendance reports for all meetings, including those started from Classroom or

Example of Email Notification:

Example of CSV file Attendance Report: