Student Progress in SchoolsPLP- Best Practices

Moving into the Quarter 2 term, there are many high school students who will be participating in distance courses through SchoolsPLP for the remainder of the first semester. It is important that BOTH teachers and students are aware of the following terms and conditions as it relates to successfully completing these courses to ensure the awarding of credits for graduation.

  • Grading- Since most of these new courses are set to only cover the nine weeks of quarter 2, it is important to remind students that the grade which is displayed in their SchoolsPLP course does NOT necessarily reflect their grade for the full semester in the course. For this reason, students should always use the grade in PowerSchool as the most accurate representation of their progress.
  • Progress Checks- Teachers should log into the SchoolsPLP Website at least 1-2 times per week to check on student progress.
  • Assignments- Similarly, the teacher or record for each of these PLP courses MUST set up appropriate assignments in their PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook on a weekly basis which corresponds to the work completed by the student in their PLP course. Teachers should also make sure that if the student is enrolled in a NEW SECTION for Q2 (ie. the student has no assignment points prior to 10/19/2020) they are following the directions linked her for setting up point balancing for the second nine-weeks.
  • Progress Grades- At the 13.5 week mark, schools should run student progress reports from PowerSchool as they normally would in order to keep students and parents apprised of their work towards completion of credit. Students should be reminded that courses in SchoolsPLP automatically assign zero scores to past-due activities so it’s important to keep up with assignments within your course. Once a student submits an assignment (even late assignments), zero scores will be replaced with the point value of the student work in PLP.

In addition to the steps here are also some steps which the TEACHER of RECORD within the PLP course should take to help students be successful within these courses.

  • Make sure that you’re reminding students to check their progress within their PLP course on a daily basis. When the TEACHER first logs into the PLP course, they should see a summary of all student progress within the course by clicking on the Progress Tracking tab.
1. The Green Bar means that the student is on track. 2. The FD label means student is “fully disengaged” (ie. four days or more with no activity). 3. PD means the student is “partially disengaged” with the course (ie. two days with no activity).
  • As teachers identify students each week who have become Fully Disengaged or Partially Disengaged with the course, they should send a message reminder as a way to “check in” with the student. This can be done by simply clicking on the name of the student in PLP and then selecting the Send Message option in the upper-right hand corner of the page. Students will now have to read this message and respond before they can enter any other PLP course and continue.
  • Other information the teacher will see when logging into SchoolsPLP webpage is a summary of all student progress within the course (see below). This includes teacher notifications on any assignments which may require grading or feedback.
  • An additional report which can be helpful in monitoring progress can be found by clicking the REPORTS tab in your SchoolsPLP course. Clicking on the Enrollment Activity report and setting an appropriate date window will allow you to see how much time each student is spending within the course. This can be extremely helpful when you are having conversations with students regarding how to be successful within the course.

We know that completing courses from a remote setting can be challenging for students but maintaining teacher contact, checking in, and helping with goal setting are all key elements to increasing the likelihood of success for the semester.