Hapara Connections-Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing problems connecting to a student device using the Hapara Highlights tab, please remember to work with students to check the following BEFORE submitting a help desk ticket…

  1. Make sure that the student is logged in to their correct @susd12.org student account on their Chromebook and that there are no other user profiles on the device.
  2. Ask the student (or parent) to run a Diagnostics Check on their device using the steps posted below…

If you don’t see the Hapara Diagnostic icon on the student device, this is an indication that the student Chromebook is not enrolled correctly to our enterprise domain and is not pulling the correct policy for the device.  If this is the case, the device should be given to your school I.T. Tech or MCT so that they can re-enroll the device correctly.

If  you have run the diagnostic following the directions posted above and you’re still unable to connect, please submit the error code message which was returned when you submit your ticket to http://helpdesk.susd12.org

Students who may be missing folders in their Google Drive account for you class can be reconnected using the Class Info tab on www.teacherdashboard.com (see below).