Accept Google Meet Knocks in Bulk

Control Access to a Video Meeting

As the meeting organizer, you can use Quick access to decide if participants must ask to join the video meeting.

Quick access is turned on by default. After you start a video meeting, you can change the setting as often as you need using Meet on a computer.

To Turn Quick Access On or Off:

  1. In the meeting, at the bottom, click Host controls .
  2. Next to Quick access, click the switch On or Off .

Note: When quick access is turned off, everyone who isn’t invited must ask to join, including people within SUSD.

Bulk Admit Participants to a Video Call 

You can bulk admit participants and students into a video call. Only the meeting organizer can see or approve requests to join a meeting. The meeting organizer should stay in the meeting to approve requests.

  1. Click Admit or Deny entry, when a request to join the video call appears in the window.
  1. Click View all when you have multiple participants waiting to join the meeting. 
  1. Choose an option:
    • Next to the name, click Admit or Deny entry to admit or deny participants one at a time.
    • Click Admit all or Deny all to admit or deny all participants at the same time.