REMINDER: Progress Reports

As we approach the mid-point in the quarter, it’s important to share the following reminder regarding student progress report. Unlike end of term grades which are finalized as part of the end of term report card process (see link here for details), the printing of mid-term progress reports are the responsibility of your school leadership team.

Also, unlike term grades for report cards, progress report grades do NOT need to be stored and may therefore, be printed at any point in time by either your front office staff or classroom teachers by following the directions posted below. In accordance with Federal Title I guidelines and SUSD Board Policy, progress reports should be shared with parents at both the 4.5 and 13.5 week mark of the semester.

Teachers, office, and admin staff in grades 6-12 can follow the directions linked here to print student progress reports based on what is currently listed in the final grade column of their PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook.

Because progress grades in K-5 are based on STANDARDS rather than traditional marks, teachers must follow the directions posted below prior to the printing of mid-term progress reports.

  • Teachers in grades K-5 will notice that you have a course in your PowerSchool Gradebook (called Progress Grading). This is where you will now enter ALL of the grades which will go on your mid-term progress report (including Reading, ELA, Math as well as Work Habits scores). 
  • Along the left side of the Gradebook, teachers should click on Grading and then select Standards.
  • You will now see all of the standards listed along the top of the page (first the standards for Work Habits, and then standards for Reading Foundations, Language, and Math).  In the column below, you can enter in appropriate scores for all students (see below).  
Please note that academic standards for the K-5 progress report will be DIFFERENT than the standards which are listed on the quarterly report card.
  • Appropriate comments should be entered by the teacher for the following standards EL.WC.TC, Reading Foundations, Language, and Math (comments for reading, language, and math will show up under the “Areas of Focus” section on the progress report).
  • When the teacher has finished entering scores, they should first click Save and then click the Final Grade Status button.  This will allow administrators to know with a single report which teachers have completed their progress grades and which teachers have not.

PLEASE NOTE:  There are several ways to gather data regarding Reading Foundations on the Progress Report.  FastBridge group reports for aReading and early Reading, the K-2 Skills Benchmark and classwork from the Skills Block and ALL block all provide data regarding progress in Reading Foundations.  You are not required to report on one single assessment.  If you have questions regarding grading please feel free to reach out to the Director of Language Acquisition, Carmen Castro.

Once you have confirmed that all teachers have completed their Mid-Term Progress Report, your office staff can print out these reports using the same process they would for report cards (reports are listed as either Gr.X Progress or Gr.X Progress (Spanish).

NOTE:  The directions above apply ONLY to teachers using standards based grading.  Students using traditional grade scales (ie. students in grades 6-8) should receive the MS Quarter Progress Report from PowerSchool.

Additionally, administrators can easily see which teachers have completed their progress reports and which have not by running the Section Readiness Report (using the directions below).

  • From the PowerSchool Administrator Dashboard, under Reports click on System Reports.
  • In the System tab, scroll down to Additional School Level Reports.
  • Under Grades and Gradebooks, click on Section Readiness.
  • Under Reporting Term, select the appropriate quarter (in this case Q1)
  • Under Verified Status click select either Complete (to see who HAS completed) or Not Complete (to see which teachers HAVE NOT).