Wireless Classroom Audio System

Use the Wireless Classroom Audio System to enhance the speaker’s voice or enhance the audio sound from a device. The wireless classroom audio system is portable and can be used both inside and outside of the classroom. The battery lasts for a school day before needing to recharge. The microphone that connects to the speaker is able to maintain a 360 degree connection, so there is no signal loss to the audio device. You can also connect your smartphone, iPad, or laptop/computer to the audio speaker system.

Inventory your Audio System 

You should have the following items:

Item #1 – Speaker

Item #2 – AC Power Adapter

Item # 3 – Microphone

Item #4 – Buckle & Lanyard

Item #5 – USB Power Cable

Item #6 – 3.5 mm Audio Cable

Install the Wireless Audio System

  1. Plug in the AC Power Adaptor (Item #2) to connect to your speaker (Item #1).
  1. Plug in the AC Power Adaptor (Item #2) into an electrical outlet to power your speaker.
  1. Power on the speaker (Item #1).
  2. Power on the Microphone (Item #3). The LED on the microphone stops flashing when paired with the speaker (Item# 1).
  1. Optional: Add an audio source to the speaker (such as a smartphone, iPad, or laptop/computer) by plugging in the device with the 3.5 mm audio cable (Item#6). Now you can hear the audio from the device that is plugged into the speaker. 

Wearing the Microphone

  1. Insert one of the open ends of the lanyard through the buckle and clasp both ends of the lanyard.
  1. Attach the buckle (Item #4)  to the microphone (Item #3). Place the lanyard around your neck and adjust it for the best sound quality while speaking.

Over Ear Microphone Headset

Optional:  To use an Over Ear Microphone headset.

  1. Place the circular part of the headset over your ear.
  2. Adjust the microphone to your face for speaking.
  3. Ensure the headset is plugged into the microphone.

Charging the Microphone and Pairing

Charge the microphone (Item #3) when needed to the USB Power Cable (Item #5).

Look at the image below for microphone charging information.

Ensure the speaker is powered on (Item#1). Power on the Microphone (Item #3) in order for the microphone to re-pair with the speaker.