More Google Meet Features

Timer Feature

 Teachers (moderators) can now set up a timer for a breakout session. Students (participants) will see a banner to keep track of how much more time they have in the breakout room. They’ll also be alerted when there are 30 seconds left so that they can wrap up the discussion and, when time is up, participants will be prompted to go back to the main call.

For moderators to set up the timer:

  1. At the top of the breakout rooms panel, click TimerEmpty hourglass
  2. Select the check box to End breakout rooms after a set amount of time.
  3. Set the amount of minutes for the timer.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Open rooms when ready.
    Tip: You can edit or remove the timer at any time. On the breakout room panel, click TimerEmpty hourglass to edit.

Timer Tips for Students

If your teacher (moderator) moves you to a breakout room, you’ll see a new prompt on your screen. To switch rooms, click Join. 

If the teacher (moderator) sets a timer, the time left in the breakout session is shown at the top of your screen.

When the teacher (moderator) ends the session or the timer runs out, you’ll have 30 seconds to finish your breakout room discussion and rejoin the main room.

Notice once there are 30 seconds left on the timer, the top of your screen will turn red to show how many seconds are left.

Ask for Help

If you need help during your breakout room session, you can ask for help. 

Computer: On the top of right of your screen, click Ask for help.

If you don’t need help anymore, click Cancel ask for help.

Mobile Users: On the bottom right, tap Menu More right arrow Ask for help.  If you don’t need help anymore, tap Cancel ask for help. 

Dial-in users currently can’t ask for help.

Teacher (Moderator) Ask for Help Tips

A notification will show at the bottom of the screen when participants ask for help. To join that participant’s breakout room, click Join. To return to that question later, click Later.

On the breakout room panel, an “Asked for help” banner shows above rooms that ask for help.

Breakout Room for Dial-in Participants

Dial-in phone participants can now be assigned to breakout rooms. 

Starting in two weeks, anonymous users will also be able to be added to breakout rooms.

  1. When the teacher (moderator) invites participants to join a breakout room, if participants dialed in through their phone, tap *2 to go to the breakout room, move between breakout rooms, or return to the main room.
  2. Once in a breakout room, you can speak to other participants.