Running Grade Readiness Reports from PowerSchool

PowerSchool Grade Readiness Reports allow school administrators and front office staff to quickly identify which teachers have completed entering their grades for the term and which teachers have not.

To access this report from your PowerSchool Admin Dashboard simply follow the directions posted below.

  1. From your PowerSchool Dashboard click on Reports-> System Reports
  1. Scroll down and locate Additional School Level Reports–> Grades and Gradebooks
  2. Click on the report for Section Readiness
  3. Under Reporting Term, select the TERM which you would like to check prior to Report Card Printing (e.g. Q1, S1…etc.) and then click the Apply button.
  1. Keep in mind that you can add as many extra filters to the report as you’d like to help you to refine your search by clicking on the blue PLUS symbol along the right side of the page before clicking the Apply button again.

This report is based on if the TEACHER has indicated that their grades are completed for the term in their PowerTeacher Gradebook.  Anything in the Teacher Status Comments column is based on what the teacher may have communicated prior to submitting their completed grades for the term.

Please note that these Teacher Submitted Final Grade Status notes for the term does NOT mean that teachers are unable to make changes to their grades for that term.  Only STORING the Historical grades from the central office will “lock” teacher grades for making changes.

Once Historical grades have been stored, ONLY your computer clerk or the I.T. office will be able to make updates to the historic grade file.

Before submitting your ticket to to create your report card file, make sure you have “copied and pasted” the results of your completed Section Readiness Report into a spreadsheet (ctrl c to copy and ctrl p to paste).

When you submit your report card file request to the HelpDesk, please make sure to also include your completed Section Readiness Report as an Excel attachment.