Bright Arrow Attendance

Starting this week (January 11th, 2021) Bright Arrow Attendance automated call notifications have been reactivated for all SUSD schools.

Please be aware that daily attendance records will be pulled from PowerSchool records for all schools starting at 4pm (Monday-Friday). Attendance calls to parents will be scheduled to go out each weekday starting at 5pm.

Please remind teachers to have all daily attendance records updated by the end of the school day (4pm) to insure that an accurate call record is made to parents.

Call records in the Bright Arrow system are based on the contact number in PowerSchool submitted BY THE PARENTS during registration. Parents can follow the directions linked here to update and verify phone numbers related to attendance calls.

If schools receive a call regarding a phone number in the Bright Arrow file being incorrect, it is up to the school front office to work with the caller to get that number removed from PowerSchool by following the directions posted below.

  1. From your PowerSchool Dashboard click on the BrightArrow My Lists link along the left side of the page.
  2. Open the “Select an Action” drop-down menu and scroll down to select the Reports option.
  3. Under the Select Dial Time and List menu, pick the attendance call which you are inquiring about.

4. Check the box next to “Find specific name, phone or email” and then type the number into the box before clicking Find Now

5. The report should now display the name of the student account to which that number is associated. Once the front office staff has identified the student account to which the incorrect number is associated with, it is the front office clerk’s responsibility to reach out to the parents to try to update the PowerSchool record. Until the incorrect record has been removed or updated in PowerSchool, attendance calls will continue to go out based on the current contact information.