Start a Google Meet (New look) has a new look to start Google Meetings.

You now have 3 options from the Google Meet homepage.

  1. Create a meeting for later.
  2. Start an instant meeting.
  3. Schedule in Google Calendar.

Create a Meeting for Later

If you want to create a meeting for later:

  1.  Click New Meeting. 
  2. Select, create a meeting for later.
  3. To share the meeting details with participants for a future meeting, copy the meeting link and share with participants.

Note: To directly start the meeting with this link, paste the link into a browser, or enter the link into the “Enter a code or link” field and then click Join.

Start an Instant Meeting

If you want to start an instant meeting:

  1. Click New Meeting. 
  2. Select, start an instant meeting.
  3. The meeting window will open instantly.

Schedule in Google Calendar

If you want to schedule a meeting in Google Calendar:

  1. Click New Meeting. 
  2. Select,  Schedule in Google Calendar.
  3. You will be directed to Google Calendar to create a meeting event.