Google Meet Host Controls/ Moderator Rights

When allowing multiple teachers to connect to a Google Meet session via the Google Classroom link, there can sometimes be concerns regarding the loss of host controls within the session.

Google Meet host controls allow the teacher a variety of additional “powers” within the meet; everything from being able to remove a student to setting up breakout rooms to adjusting the sharing session (see the link here for a full overview of host control features).

Unfortunately, Google Meet does not currently have the ability to shift these host controls from participant to another. This means that only the meeting organizer will have access to the host controls. When entering a meeting, teachers can quickly see if they have the host controls for that session by looking for the lock icon along the bottom of the meeting tab (see below).

The way that Google currently provisions host controls via the Google Classroom link is that ANY user who is listed as a “Teacher” within the Google Classroom page could be a potential organizer of that meeting. This being the case, which ever Google Classroom teacher enters into the meeting FIRST, would take possession of the host controls for that meeting.

What Can Support Staff Do?

If you are a SPED, Instructional Support Teacher, or School Admin, try to avoid entering in to a meeting before the teacher of record has entered the meeting. Remember that you can see if the teacher of record is in the meeting BEFORE entering by simply checking the attendance list before clicking the Join Now button (see below)…

What Can Teachers Do?

If teachers found that they have lost their host controls within a meet session there is a very simple fix. All they need to do is reset the Google Meet Link via Google Classroom (see directions here). Once they reset the meet link and have students rejoin, they should regain all of the host controls which may have been lost due to these controls being transferred to a different staff member.