Instructional Applications- Know Before You Purchase

Many instructional applications for Chromebooks and iPads spend a great deal of marketing money to promote their products as a panacea for the instructional challenges which face our students (particularly younger learners). However, painful experience often reveals many of these applications to be more sizzle than steak as they don’t always meet the grade level and developmental needs of students.

TEACHERS: Before you invest your money (either personal or school PTO funds) in a subscription to any of these services, remember that ALL requests for instructional classroom apps must first be submitted to the District Curriculum Council for review (see link here for details).

Submitting these request for prior review helps to not only ensure that the applications are appropriately aligned with grade level standards and indicators for student growth but it also allows us to make sure that data sharing agreements comply with federal guidelines as outlined within the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

Please note that any instructional applications for either Chromebooks or iPads can not be made available unless they have been reviewed and approved by District Curriculum Council.