Reminder for Teachers: Preparing Student Instructional Content

During teacher planning, take the following steps to ensure new instructional content (including YouTube videos) will be visible for students.

1. As teachers visit instructional sites (logged into their SUSD account), they have the same filtering restrictions as the students do within the grade level they teach. This is set up so teachers will be able to view the same content as their students and view any potentially blocked content for a lesson.

2. If the content is blocked, the following message and image will appear.
Restricted: The website has been blocked by your administrator.

3. To view the content, teachers can open the link in Firefox or a different browser, other than Chrome.

4. Once determined which restricted sites the teacher wants students to have access to, submit a request to with the site links. The sites will be opened for the teacher and students within 24 hours.

BEST PRACTICE: Instead of submitting unblock requests for each individual video you find on YouTube, teachers should create a YouTube Channel (see directions here). Once you have created your Personal Channel on YouTube, submit the channel URL link to This will ensure that whenever the teacher transfers a video into their teaching channel, it should already be “cleared” by the GoGuardian filter.

Refer to the original Web Filter post which contains further information here.