Changes to Hapara Highlights Privacy Settings

In response to parent concerns regarding privacy and monitoring student cameras during remote learning, Hapara has elected to make some subtle (but important) changes to the way that student devices are accessed via the Highlights tab in your teacher dashboard.

Starting this week, if a student is either actively participating in, or waiting to join a live Google Meet session, teachers will no longer be able to see current screens in Highlights and will instead receive the following message in the student tile.

This is designed to limit access to teachers who may not (as per FERPA guidelines) have normal access to student information.

In addition, PARENTS and STUDENTS now have the ability to check to see if their device is being monitored via the Chrome tool bar (see below).

By default, student devices will remain available for normal monitoring within school hours provided that the student is not in (or waiting to get in) and active Google Meet session.

It’s important for teachers and staff to remember that just because the current screen feature is may not be visible, that does NOT mean that you can’t continue to monitor student tabs via the Browser Tabs dashboard (see below).

If there are concerns about students engaging in off task behavior during certain points in the class, remember that teachers still have the option of scheduling Guide Browsing sessions to keep kids on track.

Teachers can learn more about available Hapara Highlights functions (including Guide Browsing ) by clicking this link.

To learn more about Hapara’s adopted privacy policy click here.