Introducing Unlimited Originality Reports via Google Classroom

As many of you may already know, in the fall of 2020 Google introduced their new originality reports feature as part of Google Classroom. This feature allows both teachers and students to check their writing assignments against all other published writing across the internet and also through Google DRIVE.

Although during the initial introduction phase teachers were limited to a maximum of three originality reports per student, we are happy to now report that all SUSD teachers now have unlimited access to originality reports within Google Classroom as part of our premium district license.

To get started using originality reports with your students, please follow the steps outlined below.

  • When creating a new assignment in Google Classroom, make sure that you have clicked the box to active the originality report feature.
  • Once the feature is activated, when students submit their writing they will be prompted to check for originality.
  • As soon as the student document is either created or linked to DRIVE, the student should now see the option to run an originality report PRIOR to turning the assignment in.
  • Running the report now allows the student to see if there are any potential issues with “over citing” or using too much of someone else’s words.

Once the student has submitted their work, the TEACHER also has the option available to run an originality report as part of their grading and feedback.

Teachers can even create a set of responses in the comment bank to share back with students when this happens. This should save you a great deal of time when it comes to providing guidance and feedback.