Data Quality Issue: Q4 Progress Reports (Gr. K-5)

NOTICE: Please be aware that we have discovered a data quality issue which currently impacts standards based grades on the 13.5 week progress report for students in grades K-5

Because of our current inability to confirm the accuracy of both academic and work habits grades on the student Progress Report, we are asking that elementary schools take the following steps at this time.

1. DO NOT print paper versions of the standard Elementary Progress Report (as outlined in the directions here) until further notice.

2. Please DIRECT PARENTS to use their PARENT PORTAL ACCOUNT (see directions here) to check student progress grades.  Unlike the PRINTED version of the 13.5 week progress report, all grades displayed within the Progress Grading Q4 course in Parent Portal should be accurate.

3. If you have a parent who insists upon receiving a 13.5 week PRINTED progress report for their student, both TEACHERS and ELEMENTARY ADMINISTRATORS should be able to follow the directions linked here to print out an accurate version directly from their PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook rather than from the PowerSchool Progress Report.

We thank you for your understanding as we continue to work to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of our communications to parents.