AP Testing Secure Browser

Due to the number of students working remotely this year, College Board will be permitting the use of remote testing in certain content areas provided that all other security measures are met (please see your testing documentation from College Board for more details).

To get started with practice tests and assessments, students simply need to follow the instructions below to access the 2021 Digital AP Testing Browser on their district Chromebooks.

After logging out of their profile on their Chromebooks and returning to the launch page students should…
1. Click on the Apps Tray in the bottom-left corner of the page…
2. …and then select the 2021 Digital AP Exam browser from the menu (see below)

From here students should be able to enter the username and password which has been provided to them for testing purposes.

If students do not see the College Board secure browser in their App Tray, this could indicate that the student device is not correctly joined to Enterprise Enrollment and that your school I.T. Tech would need to reconnect the device prior to testing.

Please make sure that ALL students have been provided an opportunity to check to make sure that their secure browser works correctly during a practice test PRIOR to your AP testing date.