Farewell Hapara, Hello GoGuardian for Teachers!

Although the Hapara Dashboard has proven to be an extremely valuable tool in our teacher’s toolkit over the previous six years, we are overjoyed to be bringing the advanced functionality and integration of the new GoGuardian Teacher Dashboard to our teachers.

This is not a decision which we have undertaken lightly, but we think that you will agree with the dozens of SUSD teachers who helped us to pilot the new GoGuardian Dashboard back in February and March, that this new system is superior in both functionality and reliability.

To learn more about this new system, you can follow the directions posted below to access the new dashboard right now.

Logging Into GoGuardian

When you visit the GoGuardian Page, you will be asked to log in using your district Gmail account (see below).

NOTE: If you experience any trouble with GoGuardian not accepting your District Gmail, please submit a ticket to http://helpdesk.susd12.org

The first time that you access the page, you will be asked to Accept the Terms of Use document. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box to indicate that you agree to the terms of use. When you’re ready you can click the green Accept button to continue.

Your GoGuardian Teacher Dashboard

After accepting the terms of use for the first time, you should now be taken directly to your new GoGuardian Dashboard. Although you may not see all of your current PowerSchool sections on your dashboard at this time, you should see complete roster integration by the start of the next term. However, if you’d like to experiment with your dashboard right away you have TWO ADDITIONAL OPTIONS for creating classes.

FIRST: you can use the Import Google Classroom function in the upper-right hand corner of the page.

NOTE: If you don’t see your current Google Classroom list, you may need to click the link “click here to reconnect your Google Account” along the top of the page.

After selecting the Google Classroom sections you would like to bring over, click the blue Accept button along the bottom of the page.

You should now see your newly imported classrooms on your dashboard (see below).

SECOND: You also have the option of creating your own CUSTOM classrooms by clicking on the green Add Classroom button. This is a convenient solution for staff members such as counselors, SUN teachers, SPED inclusion…and other instructional support staff who may need access to student dashboards but do not have direct access via PowerSchool rosters.

After naming your new class and clicking the blue “Add Classroom” button, you will be presented with THREE available options to access students. In the case of just connecting with a small number of students (10 or fewer), the simplest way to accomplish this would be the individual email option.

Teachers can look up student email addresses by running the “Student Log In Cards” report from your PowerTeacher dashboard.

Accessing Your Classrooms

Classes can be accessed by simply clicking on the Start Class button. The default setting for your session is 45 minutes but this can be changed by simply altering the time on the dropdown menu.

Your Class Dashboard

Once you have started your class session you will be taken to your teacher dashboard where you can see all of your student screens which are currently active.

For each student screen, by clicking the “select” function box you have the ability to quick launch a variety of functions along the bottom of the screen including Call Students (which will launch a private Google Meet session with the student), Open New Tab, Lock Device and Exclude from session (which will “free” the student from any browsing restrictions which may be applied to the class.

In addition to your ability to view screens, teachers also have many other functions built into your dashboard.


The Scenes function let’s teachers apply specific restrictions to student devices (such as only allowing certain websites). These restrictions can be set for individual classes OR they can be saved and reused to apply to any class at any time.


For teachers who know in advance how they would like to have student devices behave in class, they can use the Calendar function to pre-schedule scenes to be applied to specific classrooms.

Student Reports

The Student Reports tab lets teachers view a detailed browsing history for any student in your class. The reports let teachers view details regarding which websites students are visiting, which documents they’re working on, and what Google Searches they’re doing.

More to Come

Throughout the summer and into teacher pre-service we will be providing additional opportunities for teachers to train on this new system in advance of the 2021-22 school year. Please be sure to subscribe to the SUSD Technology Training Page for more details.