Final Report Cards for Q4/S2 Term 2021

Just a reminder that the process for finalizing K-8 grades for the Q4/S2 report card has been streamlined to better ensure that grades are accurate and up to date PRIOR to final report cards being stored.

Please make sure to follow the steps posted below as teacher grades for Q4 are completed.

  1. Principals should remind teachers that grades MUST be entered into PowerTeacher gradebook by no later than the end of records day on Thursday, May 27th (as per the SUSD district calendar).
  2. If teachers need a reminder regarding how to finalize their gradebooks for the end of the term, please share the following links.

Grade 6-8 teachers can click on this link to review steps on finalizing their gradebooks for the end of term.

Grade K-5 elementary teachers can click on this link to review the steps for finalizing their gradebooks for the end of term.

Specialist teachers in K-5 can click on this link to review steps on finalizing their gradebooks for the end of term.

  • Principles and/or front office staff should CONFIRM that all teacher grades for Q4 have been entered correctly. Your site admin can confirm that teacher grades have been updated by running the report in PowerTeacher Admin (see directions linked here).
  • Once schools have confirmed that teachers have completed grading for all sections, please submit your report card printing request to and a completed report card file for you to print and send home to parents will be returned to you within 24 hours.

Please DO NOT attempt to print your school report cards until after the completed file has been returned to you from the I.T. Department. Attempting to print out report cards on your own may result in inaccurate and complete grades as many grade sections must first be stored before they will show up on student report cards.

Thanks again for your help and as always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.