Rostering for PowerSchool (Summer 2021)

As we prepare to try to meet the needs of students this summer, here is a quick reminder of some important tasks which need to be completed by you and your front office staff prior to the end of the term.

1.  All Principals and/or Summer School coordinators need to designate the name of your point of contact for PowerSchool rosters for summer.  This should be filled in under column G (linked here) as soon as possible. Once your site PowerSchool rostering contact has been established, someone from our SUSD I.T. Department will be reaching out to provide direct support and help them to resolve any issues they might have.

2. Summer school master schedules for each school need to be completed by no later than next Tuesday, May 18th and added to the Google DRIVE master folder (linked here).  Completing your SS master schedule must be completed before your front office registrar can begin rostering students.

3. Finally, your designated site front office PowerSchool rostering contact (see #1 above) needs to set up the specific sections for your site in PowerSchool based on the approved summer school course matrix listed here by no later than next Thursday (May 20th).  Please note that each grade level should have a designated course for both ELA and Math which will allow them to connect to digital curriculum resources.

While we realize that you may still have some uncertainty around which specific teachers will be teaching which sections, this uncertainty should not hold up the process of setting up designated sections to support PowerSchool rostering.  If you do not yet know the name of the specific teacher who will be covering that summer school section, you should use the name of the summer school coordinator as a placeholder until a final teacher is identified.  Thank-you for your continued support to help ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible as we strive to meet the needs of students and parents this summer. 

Grade Level Roll-Ups

For students who will be “rolling up” to a new school for their summer program, we recognize that there are some limits to which students can be rostered at the site level based on your current access permissions in PowerSchool (eg. current grade 6 elementary students who will be attending a grade 7 middle school program).

For these students, the SUSD I.T. team will be reaching out to your PowerSchool rostering contact to provide direction, prior to Friday, May 21st.