Hybrid Learning RETURNS

Monday, March 1st

School Schedules

Based on your prior parent feedback, students have been scheduled into one of three tracks starting Monday, March 1st.

  • Track A (Hybrid)= These are students attending school in person on Monday & Thursday and REMOTELY on Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday.
  • Track B (Hybrid)= These are students attending school in person on Tuesday & Friday and REMOTELY on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.
  • Track C (Remote)= These are students attending class REMOTELY (no in person class).

Hybrid students should attend class in person based on the times in the links below.

High School Bell Schedule (Grades 9-12)

Middle School Bell Schedules (Grades 6-8)

Elementary School Bell Schedules (Grades K-6)

What do we do the First Day Back to School (Monday, March 1st)?

All parents/guardians should have been contacted prior to Friday, February 26th, reminding you what schedule track your student has been registered in. Parents can also see what track your student is in by logging into your PowerSchool Parent Portal Account. (If you do not have a Parent Portal Account, you can click on this link to get started).

If you still have not been contacted with your students’ track for Q2, contact the school front office ASAP.

Once you know what track your student will be in starting Monday, March 1st, use the links above to find out what bell schedule their school will be using.

Students who will not be attending class in person on 3/1/21 (Tracks B & C), should log in to your Google Classroom Page (linked here) to connect with your teacher on the first day back to class.

How to Login to Google Classroom Video

Students can also find their Google Classroom link by using their student PowerSchool login.

Finding Your Google Classroom with Your Student PowerSchool Login-Video

The following resources are designed to support students and families learning remotely.

Or you can browse all posts for remote learning.

What is Remote Learning in Sunnyside?

Learning will occur completely in a remote (at home), online model with expectations for independent learning experiences. Here are the details we have to share with you today:

  • Remote learning will take place five full days per week
  • Students will be expected to be logged in to their device everyday and interact live with their teacher(s) at certain times, a minimum of three times per day
  • Expectations for student attendance and engagement will be in place and feedback/grades will be provided to assess student progress
  • Students virtually attend class sessions with their teachers in addition to learning tasks off-line
  • Allows for students to be connected to their teachers, peers, and curriculum remotely due to the Governor’s Executive Order
  • Sunnyside teachers will facilitate online learning utilizing Sunnyside curriculum which will provide the same rigorous curriculum that would have been offered in person
  • Kinder – 1st grade students will be assigned iPads for participating in remote learning
  • 2nd – 12th grade students will be assigned Chromebooks for participating in remote learning
  • Please expect further communication from your school about picking up devices
  • Accommodations and supports based on student needs will be provided (IEPs, 504s, ELLs, etc.)
  • Manipulatives and additional supplies needed for remote learning may be provided
  • Social and emotional learning and the needs and concerns of students and families will be prioritized
  • Your site will communicate information about extra-curricular activities

Need Internet Access?

Click here for a list of ways to get Internet access:

Need a computer?

All students will be provided a learning device for this school year.

Kinder and 1st grade students will receive an iPad

2nd – 12th grade students will be receive a Chromebook

Contact your school office to arrange to pickup your device as soon as possible.

How can I help my student be ready for Remote Learning?

Click here for Tips for Parents

Click here to Prepare for Online Testing

What Do I Need to Know About Remote Learning?

Logging in to Your District Google Account

Connecting a Chromebook to a Wi-Fi Network

Connecting to an SUSD Hotspot (Kajeet SmartSpot)

Student Netiquette for Learning Online

Student Netiquette for Remote Learning Slides

2020 Parents Guide to Google Classroom

What to Know About Joining a Google Meet

How to Have a More Reliable Viewing Experience on Google Meet

K-1 iPads

Connecting an iPad to a Wi-Fi Network

The Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom For iPad Users

How do I check student attendance, assignments, and grades?

The best way to check for daily assignments and due dates is to use your students’ device to go to https://app.mystudentdashboard.com/. This is the student portal for teacher assignments made in Google Classroom. To learn more about how to use this student portal, visit the link here.

To check on student daily attendance and term grades, parents should use the SUSD Parent Portal. If you have never used the Parent Portal, contact your students’ school office and use the directions linked here to get started.

What if I’m having trouble connecting to the internet at home?

If you aren’t connected to the Internet, you can still view and edit your Google files. Follow the directions to set up your Chromebook for offline working. Any changes made to files while offline will then sync in Google Drive once the student is connected back online. Remember that you can see a list of available Wi-Fi signal hotspots in the district by clicking this link.

A Student and Parent Guide to Save, Open, and Preview Google Docs, Sheets & Slides Offline

What other resources are available for students to learn from home?

Use this Library Resource Page to to access resources such as the Library Catalog, SUSD Digital Library/eBooks, Pima County Public Library, Word Book Encyclopedia, Big Universe, EPIC! Library, Tumble Books and More!

How can I keep my kids safe when they’re online at home?

Following the basic tips for keeping your kids safe online (linked here) will go a long way toward helping your students avoid the dangers online.